Sunday, July 27, 2008

Introducing this Blog...

The naturalization process for the blogdom is so easy. I have battled becoming a citizen here, but here I am. I should say, "Here we are." We don't know how long we'll be here. We're pilgrims anyway; it might not be long, and I won't feel bad.=+)

The "we"? That is, for now, my wife and I. Starting a blog can be tempting as a means to be popular w/ 15 people. If I invest my time into my blog for my audience of "15" and lose my own family, what shall it profit? That's why I intend for my wife to contribute to this occasionally. I can't do much w/out her, and having her on board will help enrich the content of this blog immensely.

We feel there is a little bit of room for some people to network in an online community who are: 1) considering a move to a big city and/or 2) longing to navigate the murky waters of culture Christianly (which implies discerningly).

People who don't know what they're getting into or what to expect when changing addresses need resources. More so, they need a community with which to identify. Those who are single need a family no matter how much independence they strive for in the metropolis. Those who are newlywed or married w/ children need someone with a history in that urban enclave. From finding out how to get your new driver's license, to learning particular pronunciations to commiting to a local church, the reality is: we need each other.

Though we are based in Chicago, we hope that the occasional posts on this blog will accomplish the purposes stated above no matter what city you live in. Ultimately, we hope that this will contribute to the growing "army" of families that move into the cities for the cause of Jesus. Let it be known that we hope never to convey a "chip on our shoulders" because we live in a big city.
Soli Deo Gloria!

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