Friday, October 24, 2008

Culture, Contextualization and the Church

Last week, Rachel, the kids and I headed to Michigan to visit many dear friends. Rachel and I also attended the 2008 Mid-America Conference on Preaching sponsored by Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary and hosted by Inter-City Baptist Church. The subject of the conference was "Culture, Contextualization and the Church." It was intriguing enough to me to return while also reconnecting w/ friends. It was a wonderful little conference. The sessions are for the most part intellectually stimulating and rigorously biblical. Subjects covered were methods of apostolic "contextualization," worldliness, contemporary challenges for biblical separatism amongst some others that really had nothing to do with the subject of the conference. For those who would like a "heady"interaction on a definition of culture, I would highly recommend Mark Snoeberger's session on "More Notes on a Definition of Culture." Mark is a careful (maybe fastidious) scholar. You will be challenged. Let me know what you think.

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