Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ride for a Penny on the CTA

Since at least 1999, the CTA has encouraged New Year's Eve revellers to take advantage of the "Ride for a Penny" program. Every 12/31 from 8pm (I believe) and into the wee hours of the New year morning, party goers get a super discounted "rate" to decrease the amount of work for city, county and state cops and to cut down on highway/road injuries and fatalities. Chicago has a lot wrong with many of its systems and institutions (CTA included), but this, imo, is a good move. There is a sense of justice and common sense (and grace!) about this action. So, even if you're not the type to bring in the New Year to the point of drunken stupor, go out and take advantage of a cheap bus or train fare.

Speaking of the CTA, they are raising their rates for the upcoming year. Check out the new rates. While some may contend that this is unjust, greedy or crooked, we've got to remember that service institutions such as the CTA have to pay bills as well. As a Chicagoan who rides the CTA everyday and sees how poorly some its employees get treated sometimes, I'm fine w/ the fare hike even though I'd rather have save the money. I love riding the CTA (and so does my son, too), and I'm fine with giving to "Caesar" what he is due.

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